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Tattoos and piercings in the escort service

Beautifying the body, skin as a canvas, pierced nipples... Not everyone likes this form of body adornment. Lovers of tattoos and piercings don't have to do without anything in the escort service. Some of the escort ladies have deliberately opted for one or both and present the often unusual style. We had already pointed this out in the blog.

Escorts with tattoos also present themselves on the advertising platform and escort agency Actrice Escort. Whether it's just a small tattoo on the foot or groin, or a large area of skin painting, a real lover will definitely like it. Usually there is a beautiful story behind the body painting. Just ask your tattooed escort lady about it. The motifs are as different as the ladies themselves, from flowers to lettering to tribals or fascinating little stories that have been brought to the skin, it is always worth taking a look. When the lady is then wrapped in wonderful lingerie, unpacking is even more fun. Many gentlemen also like it when the tattoos are displayed and you attract attention together. Because tattoos are not only popular with many escorts, the ladies also like to see them on the gentlemen.

Some escort ladies have opted for piercings. Whether intimate, on the nipples or on the body, piercings can enrich (love) life. Nipple stimulation has been described as being much more intense when the nipples are pierced. An intimate piercing can also liven up the togetherness in the escort service and is sure to be a topic of conversation. There are supposed to be men who find this particularly exciting ;-)

You can easily view tattooed and pierced escorts on the site. Simply use the appropriate filter when searching for women, as already explained in the blog. Please note that some escorts have both tattoos and piercings and will therefore not be displayed if you only select one of the two. There are 4 different choices. Only tattoos, only piercings, both or neither. There is a choice for every taste.

As mentioned, there are also gentlemen who don't like either of the two, so you have a chance not to experience any unwanted surprises and can inform yourself in advance.

If you have any questions about the exact location and size of tattoos and/or piercings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Below are the ladies who have at least one tattoo or piercing.

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