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About us

Dear visitor and friend at Actrice Escort,

We would like to provide you with a few details about us for a better understanding.

My name is Heike and I would like to welcome you to Actrice Escort, the escort agency for escort services, which has been listing escorts since January 2007 who offer their own escort service.

Heike Gaumer - owner of the escort agency Actrice Escort

Heike Gaumer - Werbeplattform Actrice Escort

Further information

A meeting with an escort can take place as follows:

You call us, or write us an e-mail, or use the escort’s booking form.

The more detailed you can name the information for a meeting, the sooner a request can be made to the escort.

If a meeting that has already been confirmed takes place outside of business hours, we are of course also happy to be at your disposal by telephone, e.g. to provide data on the meeting point.

All information about the escort can be found on the respective profile of the escort, including fees and travel expenses.

Please note that all escorts are employed or studying and cannot facilitate a meeting at any time of the day or night. A timely request usually enables a meeting with the escort of your choice.

On the home page you will find further information on the self-employment of the escorts and booking information.

The escorts provide their time and not erotic services. How you and the escorts want to arrange the date is entirely up to you both. Your wishes will of course be forwarded 1:1 to the escorts.

Please read the booking information and conditions as well as information on fees and travel expenses carefully in order to avoid misunderstandings from the outset.

If you are missing information about the escort service, please ask us.

We hope you enjoy looking at the web design and choosing the right escort for a harmonious and enjoyable meeting.



Your booking request and a subsequent meeting with an escort do not result in a contractual relationship between you and the escort agency Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

The Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is only active within the framework of the assignment by the escort for the application of the profile and, if necessary, by commissioning the office service and the appointment coordination and receives from the escort for this activity (e.g. advertising measures, operating the website, telephone and office service, appointment coordination, etc.) a commission. The service of Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is free of charge for you as a customer of the escort.

A timely booking request on your part makes sense. The escorts freely dispose of their time. We can therefore only confirm your appointment request after consultation with the escort/s. After your request, we will contact the escort immediately and inform you as soon as possible about the confirmation of the booking.

The escorts decide freely and at their own discretion whether to accept or reject a request. If a booking request is accepted, a contract is formed between you and the escort(s). The escorts are – mostly alongside their job or their studies – working as independent entrepreneurs and provide services on their own account. Accordingly, you must pay the fee directly to the escorts. The escorts continue to decide freely and in agreement with you whether to extend or end the meeting.


The fee agreed by you with the escort should be handed over to the escort in cash (Euro) in an unsealed envelope at the beginning of the meeting.

The amount of the fee depends on the length of time you have spent or will be spending with the escort. The fee is not a payment for a specific service. In agreement with the escort, you decide how you want to spend the time with them. Information on the interests and preferences of the escorts can be found in the respective profiles. In the profiles you will also find information on any travel expenses incurred by the escorts, which may be incurred in the event of a longer journey and which you must bear.

You can extend the duration of the meeting with the escort with their consent. If the booking is extended, the escorts would like the fee to be paid to be handed over in cash before the start of the extension.

The fee given by the escorts always refers to one person. If you book two or more escorts, the fee for each escort is to be paid separately. For more than one customer when booking an escort, the above fee is multiplied by the number of customers booking.

When booking for a couple (man and woman), the escorts charge a surcharge of 50% on top of the above fee.

Travel expenses

In the respective profiles of the escorts you will find more detailed information about any travel expenses incurred. In the event of a longer journey, the escorts will charge you a flat-rate travel allowance in addition to the train or plane tickets. This flat-rate travel allowance covers the expenses of the escorts for taxi rides, meals during the arrival and departure as well as the time required for the arrival and departure to the location of your choice. The escorts calculate the costs for the journey to your desired location by plane and/or train separately according to the costs actually incurred.

Booking deposit

If you arrange a booking with an escort for a period of 24 hours or longer, they require a deposit of 30% of the agreed fee.

If the escort travels longer, i.e. if the escort incurs travel expenses, the anticipated travel expenses are to be paid to the escort as an advance in accordance with your agreement with the escort.

You are welcome to make the deposit or advance payment by bank transfer to the account below. Your payment will be accepted by us in trust and forwarded to the respective escort. The date is binding after receipt of the deposit. The escort will reserve the appointment exclusively for you. You will of course be informed immediately about the receipt of payment.

Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
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Escort service – do you already know everything about it?

Due to the growing media presence, the topic of escorts and escort services are enjoying growing enthusiasm and interest from the general public.

What exactly is an escort and why does a MAN or WOMAN use the escort service?

First, may I introduce myself here so that you know who would like to tell you something about one of the most popular topics in this case.

My name is Heike Gaumer and I have been running the advertising platform and escort agency Actrice Escort for the field of escort service for more than 16 years.

During this time I was able to gain some experience, deal with some situations in the field of escorts and get to know both the booker and the escorts intensively. If I were to go into depth, I’d have to write a book—or two or three—but I’ll try to enlighten you on the subject.

What is escort or companion service?

The word escort has different meanings, but at this point I do not mean a US vehicle manufacturer or an English Navy warship.

When I say escort, I mean companionship. At Actrice Escort, I am also talking about all-round accompaniment. Escorts work full-time in other areas or attend colleges, do not see escort service as their main job and enjoy flirting with adventure and erotic excitement.

The escorts are self-employed and use an advertising platform, e.g. escort agency, to display their profiles and also book the office service and appointment coordination. This can have several reasons – e.g. that there is a lack of own time for arranging a meeting and the resulting contact with the customer in advance – or no own capital for website and advertising is available to become active as an independent escort – or the issue of security has an immense value for the escort and it can confidently turn to the office of the advertising partner.

Despite all this, you are a direct customer of the independent escort and not of the escort agency.

Even if a requesting customer can only use the time of an escort, the wishes and expectations of the customer do not remain hidden for long. These wishes are passed on by us 1:1 to the corresponding escort. Thus, the escort is free to decide whether they want to agree to the request – or not. The more the escort knows about the expectations of the customer, the better it can respond.

Please have confidence in us, because only if you communicate can a date meet your expectations. That doesn’t mean that every escort is the right one for every customer… At Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt) we’re happy to help you choose the right companion.

What is the difference to other offers in the adult industry?

Escort stands for a special kind of companionship that doesn’t just have to be about eroticism.
So it is up to the chemistry between the escort and you, which decides whether the meeting will be an erotic experience.

What motivates you to contact an escort agency or an advertising portal?

Regardless of the fact that men are more likely to be clients than women, we are all familiar with the everyday problems of a relationship. Needs whose origin can be found in human nature need to be satisfied. So we ask for closeness, the exchange of tenderness or simply something new.

First and foremost, the escort service is used in order to be able to enjoy togetherness in a sheltered atmosphere and not to miss the necessary discretion when visiting establishments with many like-minded people.

The flexibility with which the escort can adapt to the situation is just as important as it is valued by you as a customer. No matter whether sporty or elegant, the escort always dresses in the best outfit, maintains appropriate manners and the customer is treated with the utmost respect. So it’s not surprising that eroticism sometimes takes a back seat.

What makes the typical customer?

Whether there are suppressed expectations and longings in the relationship that the partner does not understand or share, or whether a relationship is not entered into at all due to lack of time. The customers themselves are as different as the wishes of the customer. It is therefore not possible to define an exact type of man or woman.

Some customers book regularly after they have developed a taste for it, while others notice after the first date that escorts cannot satisfy emotional needs such as love and do not book again.

Apart from individuals, we regularly receive inquiries from couples who want to experience something different from the swingers club or who do not even visit the clubs for reasons of privacy.

The practice in the accompaniment also shows that men like to use escort, but this does not diminish their love for the lady of the heart, because with her they have a completely different bond, which has to face everyday life, worries and needs anew every day. Here you can see a completely different connection that you don’t experience with an escort and probably don’t ask for either.

Depending on your needs, escort includes everything from getting to know each other, to tingling in the stomach, to the erotic conclusion, whatever the heart of the customer desires and all without any obligation.

Likewise, escort stands for the accompaniment to a dinner – whether in a social gathering or alone. Or the accompaniment to events of different kinds, just as the customer wishes.

Escort should be seen all around as something special, like the person across from you.

I’m sure there are a few more sequels to this theme. If you don’t want to wait so long for news, feel free to ask me directly – or take a look around our website…

Yours faithfully, Heike

Owner of Actrice Consulting and Solution Services UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Useful information

In the escort service and thus also on the website, terms are mentioned that may need an explanation:

If you have any questions, I will be happy to advise you.

Girlfriend erotic

In the escort service, girlfriend eroticism, also known as GFE or GF6 (girlfriend sex), stands for the accompaniment of a lady who behaves like your girlfriend or partner.

Her appearance in public is discreet and affectionate.

With the escort service, the focus is on enjoying together. The lady is tender as well as passionate, but not only the giver.

You like to pamper an escort lady accordingly – appreciate the tenderness and closeness – for you eroticism means harmony with your temporary partner – you also appreciate similarities outside of eroticism.

Even if this term is not used by all escort ladies in the service area, this service can apply – you and the lady decide that.

Couple escort

Would you like to expand your erotic togetherness with an escort?

Then you will find in the search mask couple escort or in the profile of the escorts the information couple escort, which escorts can experience exciting, tingling hours with you as a threesome.

You can also find out whether an escort is bisexual from the individual profiles.

We would be happy to give you information about the individual escorts.

You can also read more in the Escort-ABC.

We may also draw your attention to the following:

According to the Bavarian Hygiene Ordinance § 6 of May 16, 2001, condoms are compulsory for prostitutes and their customers:
“Female and male prostitutes and their clients are required to use condoms during intercourse.”
Oral sex is part of sexual intercourse and, if unprotected, can also transmit hepatitis and syphilis, for example.

This must be taken into account when booking escorts in Bavaria.

Furthermore, the restricted area ordinance must be observed:

Information on this can be found here:

Sperrbezirk der Landeshauptstadt München

Even if we do not describe escorts as prostitutes and you only book the escorts for a certain period of time, there could still be erotic contacts. In these cases, the currently valid laws apply.

We may also draw your attention to the following legislation:

The Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG) came into force on July 1st, 2017.

You can get detailed information here: Info on the ProstSchG – Source Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth