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Swingers club

Swingers clubs are widespread and can be found in almost every major city in Germany. Often they are also referred to as sauna club or FKK-Club.

In the swingers club, people meet that have the same motto: "See and be seen." This offer is usually used by couples, but also individual gentlemen and ladies, in search of an adventure, will mostly not be rejected from entering. You can find out about this on the website of the desired swingers club.

You can also get information about the prices, the included services and general rules, which the club defines. Most clubs are open almost every day, please note the opening hours before requesting an escort lady, so that you are not standing in front of locked doors. Sometimes there are also events which require a registration upfront.

Often there are different events or theme parties, which sometimes include a dress code, or only a person with a certain age is allowed to enter. You should pay attention to this when you decide to visit the swingers club.

If you are in a club for the first time, you can already tell the quality of the club, by some simple things, such as if you are greeted in a friendly way and whether the premises and guidelines are shown and explained. Also, hygiene articles should be provided, shower facilities and towels should be provided, as well as lockable lockers, where you can keep your clothes and valuables.

The enjoyment of one's own sexuality without neglecting or deceiving your partner is only one advantage of swinging. Often the exchange with other persons is desired, sometimes also only the watching or being watched. Here one speaks of exhibitionism or voyeurism, which can be experienced in various stages and manifestations. Swinging without repentance and foreign skin without ever seeing the person again or committing to something, gives many the special kick.

Many ladies on our advertising platform are happy to be booked for an escort to the swingers club. Some ladies already have experiences and happily share them with you, other ladies are curious about a new experience and will let you lead the way. We will gladly advise you in the choice of the right lady, if you need help.

In general, the principle "All things optional, nothing is a must!" is applied. If you and the escort lady wish to exchange with another couple or a single person, please discuss this during your date. Please understand, however, that the accompaniment to the swingers club does not require this exchange, but always depends on the sympathy and the circumstances in the club. The ladies also reject bookings involving gangbangs and their active participation in them.

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