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SM active and passive compared to soft submissive and soft dominant

Being submissive or dominant has many meanings. To subordinate oneself to a partner, to accept and implement his instructions, and above all to increase your own pleasure, is only one form of these erotic preferences.

If escort ladies choose these preferences on our advertising platform, they mean their own soft submission to a partner or the partner can give himself in their soft-dominant hands. However, this area is to be separated from the more intense part of SM, which is explained further below.

The soft submissive mode of play is primarily about mental methods in which the dominant partner uses the submission both for his or her own pleasure, but also for the pleasure of the submissive. Soft bondage games, which are frequently associated, are given as a specific preference by the ladies and are not automatically included here. The submissive lady likes to fall into the leading hands of the guest and is also open to interesting role-playing games. It is handled the other way around if you are looking for a dominant lady, who is fond of taking the lead in the game of love.

The escort ladies will gladly accept your ideas for a soft submissive or dominant gathering in order to be able to prepare themselves for a meeting. A conversation about preferences at the beginning of the meeting, or in advance, is welcome and usually also necessary, in order to not experience surprises.

Since many escorts assign themselves one of the preferences soft submissive or soft dominant, we decided to display only the ladies with the preference SM active and / or passive at the bottom of this page.

The term BDSM consists of B & D for Bondage and Discipline, D & S for Dominance and Submission and S & M for Sadism and Masochism.

A few women are available for a booking in the area SM actively and / or passively. This mode of the BDSM differs greatly from the preference soft submissive / dominant.

Ladies with the preference SM active and / or passive, are more open-minded regarding more extreme preferences. The most important thing is the precise understanding of boundaries, Go's and No-Go's, code and / or safe words, and that all actions take place according to the principle SSC (safe, sane and consensual = safe, with clear understanding and in mutual agreement).

Preferences such as the tying of body parts, the use of hands, whips, cane, paddle or whip for physical chastisement, real bondage, sensory deprivation, the use of gags, masks and plugs, the application of collar and leash, verbal dominance, the adduction of pleasurable pain, Tease and Denial (arousing and denying or orgasm control), wax games and many more, are often included here.

The tying of body parts is, for example, the tying of the testes or breasts to increase pleasure.

Whips, canes or hands are used when it comes to physical chastisement, punishment, sweet pain or submission.

The art of bondage can be learned, for example, in courses. If it is done correctly, tying with ropes is particularly artful and serves to restrict the partner in his scope of action and, if preferred, also to fixate someone completely.

Sensory deprivation can be made possible by covering the eyes, placing headphones or using ear plugs, gags or a combination thereof. It is proved that the withdrawal of a sense reinforces the other senses and thus, for example, touches with a feather or other toys are perceived much more intensively.

The so-called Tease and Denial, in which the dominant partner stimulates the submissive part so much that he or she is close to the orgasm, but does not allow the partner to come. The dominant part decides (of course, in consultation with the submissive part) when this game is finished and he allows redemption or release of the pressure that surely will build up.

Wax games are also very interesting. For this purpose, there are special candles, which burn down with a lower temperature and are therefore safe for the skin when handled correctly. Here too, pleasure is the focus.

For an inquiry, it is important to formulate your own wishes and ideas so that the escort lady can decide whether she can confirm and implement these types of games.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about an escort lady with a preference for SM active and / or passive.

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