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Role play

Who does not know it? The desire for foreign skin and an exciting adventure. Sometimes you need even more. How about a role play? There are no limits to the imagination and numerous possibilities and ideas that can be shared with an escort lady.

Very popular is the absolute classic, boss and secretary. This is where role-playing starts with the right choice of clothing. A nice business dress, hold-up stockings or suspenders, sinful lingerie under the blouse and nice pumps or high heels complete the look. A pair of glasses on the nose or lasciviously pushed into the hair reinforces the expression of the industrious secretary, maybe even a pencil that is stuck behind the ear? An escort lady is exactly the right choice for an exciting time together. The office is empty, all other employees are already home, and the boss and secretary are working overtime. You bring a cup of coffee to his desk, dropping the spoon so that your lace bra becomes visible when you lean down to pick it up. The rest is up to your imagination...

Another highlight among role plays is the professor, who seduces the student, or vice versa, the female professor, who offers the unsuspecting freshman private tutoring. Good grades have never been earned so easily. Especially the often existing age difference tempt the mature or young gentleman to book a younger or much older mistress for a certain amount of time.

If you prefer to go in the uniformed direction, you may want to have an interrogation between the shoplifter and the policeman, who of course also must perform a gentle body search to make sure that no further stolen goods are hidden anywhere. A striptease is inevitable. If you want to immerse yourself in the soft dominant or soft submissive role or the area SM, you might want to read the other entry in the Escort ABC about that topic, too.

The maid at a hotel is also a nice and, above all, stimulating role play, which can be excellently implemented in the escort environment of a hotel room or a suite. A feather duster and a tight outfit create undreamt-of tension. Watch as the lady first devotes herself to the room and then to you and enjoy a first-class room service.

Or how about the great care of a nurse? An escort lady, who takes on this role and wears a sexy nurse outfit, can quickly raise your blood pressure and maybe even raise the body temperature as well. Also, a doctor-patient role-playing game can be stimulating for body and mind, doctor games are not just something for small children.

The unknown beauty that you meet at the bar and that seduces you is a fantasy of many men. So why not start an escort date like this? A drink at the bar, yearning looks, the first fleeting contact and then a breathtaking, no strings attached adventure at the end. A wonderful idea for an unforgettable escort service, don’t you think?

If you are now inspired or have more ideas, let the escort lady know. After all, there are even more roles that a man or woman can slip into, such as the stewardess and the flight captain, the movie star and the fan or even the sexy nun.

If you have wishes for a role play, please send the lady your specific request with all details, so that the lady is well informed and can possibly prepare in full.

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