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Manager Escort

The manager escort is one of the essential services an escort agency is known for. Agencies who offer this service must adhere to high standards expected by this type of clientele. This does not always focus on a sexual element at all. Many managers are simply looking for pleasant company to get away from lonely evenings or to present themselves in public with a beautiful lady. Whether the customer wishes to enjoy a special dinner with a lady or take her to cultural events such as the opera or theater or simply wishes to spend a few intimate hours together depends on the conjoint likings. Anything goes or nothing at all. Confidentiality is a must for our ladies!

Managers are extremely concerned about confidentiality with the requested lady because this is the golden rule in the world of business. Furthermore, a manager escort must also be able to take part in highly intelligent conversations (multi-lingual if possible) without losing her train of thought.

A high standard is mandatory

Even though sex plays an important role during the manager escort service provided it is not always a prerequisite. This also applies to services booked by a manager over a longer period of time (for example a travel escort). More important is that the customer can communicate with the lady on the same level and that she is intelligent and easy on the eyes. Classy attire and the appropriate behavior are extremely desired besides confidentiality.

Actrice Escort is aware of this highly demanding service and is eager to select the perfect lady as well as the perfect location based on your (sexual) preferences and wishes.

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