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French kiss

It is both the most popular as well as one of the most intimate ways to express the affection between two people: the French kiss. Everyone has seen it once before in the movies, but who thinks it is done easily with a bit of stirring around in the mouth of the other one, is mistaken. The French kiss is a quite complex process which requires some practice - but hardly anything is so much fun as practicing it. As part of the foreplay, the kiss has a very special significance, because it has a stimulating effect on both partners and the subsequent lovemaking feels better naturally. Even more: In fact, the intense kissing releases a large number of endorphins (happiness hormones) into the brain. The entire hormone carousel begins to spin and signals the body that it could go down to business soon. To really get "in the mood", the French kiss is ideal.

How does a French kiss work? All beginnings are difficult!

The French kiss can be an expression of great passion, but is also can quickly get embarrassing when he is done at the wrong time and / or in the wrong way. The mood should also be present in both partners, as well as the willingness to share such intimate caresses. It is sometimes not so easy to assess this readiness properly, therefore the signals from both partners should be carefully assessed. Sometimes also referred to as tongue kiss, with this kiss, both parties have the mouth slightly open, but sometimes it also is part of the game that one of the two, has its lips closed, so the other one gently "opens" them and the other partner allows this without much resistance. This includes a little empathy, cramping should be avoided on both sides. Very often, at the beginning of it, the lips are too heavily shaped, like you are kissing your own grandmother. But that is not the way to kiss your partner. Rather, it should be a slow exploration, in which the tongue sometimes only lightly touches the inside of the partners mouth. If both are feeling good, this kiss quickly becomes passionate and can lead to much more intense tongue contact. However, one should also not exaggerate – eventually it is not a competition in stirring. If too much saliva changes hands most people do not find that sexy.

Pay attention to hygiene

Of course, the hygienic aspect is very important in such intimate contacts. That is why one should not initiate a kiss when you have eaten larger amounts of onions or garlic. Hardly anything is as repulsive as a bad breath. If you just had dinner and you therefore had no opportunity to brush your teeth, a peppermint flavored candy can at least prevent the worst. Usually both partners perceive it as being less disruptive if both had the same food and therefore are likely to develop the same breath odor. Full refrain from French kisses is necessary, if you carry around an infection with you. So besides the obvious colds and diseases like herpes, hardly anything is as effective for the spreading of pathogens like a French kiss, because here the mucous membranes come in direct contact with each other. Apart from all this, this kiss is still at the top of the list when it comes to a first intimate contact and to express more than: "You're pretty nice."

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