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The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Speyer“ is 3 hrs.
Lucy Escortdame Darmstadt zarte Strapsgarnitur mit Nylons

Lucy (41)

41 Years
Size: 168 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Measurements: 100-74-100
Bra size: 80 D
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Speyer are 70€.

Escortdame Julia Escort Frankfurt Spitzen Strapsgarnitur mit passenden Handschuhen

Julia (53)

53 Years
Size: 167 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Measurements: 91-66-91
Bra size: 85 C Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Speyer are 70€.

Cheryl Escortservice Darmstadt roter Spitzenbody

Cheryl (59)

59 Years
Size: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Measurements: 94-69-88
Bra size: 85 C
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Speyer are 70€.

Celine Escort Frankfurt rote Strapsgarnitur

Celine (52)

52 Years
Size: 169 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Measurements: 89-70-99
Bra size: 75 C-D Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Speyer are 80€.

The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Speyer“ is 4 hrs.
Sina Escortservice Calw bitte zum Diktat

Sina (49)

49 Years
Size: 167 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Measurements: 93-68-96
Bra size: 75 B Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Speyer are 100€.

Lina Escortdame Aschaffenburg extravagante Dessous in Schwarz

Lina (34)

34 Years
Size: 167 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Measurements: 96-72-92
Bra size: 80 B Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Speyer are 100€.


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Get more information about Escort Speyer. Recommendations and booking conditions for the escorts from Speyer can be found at the top of the page.

Even if we are not giving you any further recommendations for the individual design of your stay in Speyer, you can always contact us by phone if you have any questions. We would be happy to give you tips on where to stay in Speyer or provide you with culinary recommendations at the location Speyer.

Discover antiquity with escort ladies in Speyer

It is worth visiting the historic and very charming city, which is one of the oldest in Germany, with the Speyer escort ladies. It comes from a Roman foundation at the turn of the century and was then called Civitas Nemetum (after the Nemeter tribe) or Noviomagus (Celtic for Neumarkt). The region was settled much earlier because the terraces in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine were well suited for this. The Romans built a military camp here in 10 BC, that became the core of the later city.

In the Middle Ages, the free imperial city was one of the most important in the Holy Roman Empire; between 1816 and 1945, the Bavarian administration of the Palatinate had its headquarters here. Nevertheless, with around 51,000 inhabitants, it is a not too large municipality, whose historic city center can also be explored on foot with a lady from the escort service Speyer. In the old town, rustic wine restaurants and pubs offer the opportunity to stop off with the escorts of Speyer. This would also be the starting point for an interesting sightseeing, which many visitors to the city start at the Kaiser and Mariendom. It is the largest surviving Romanesque church in the world and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. In 1925 Pope Pius XI elevated him to the minor basilica. Speyer has even more World Heritage sites, and since 2021 the Jewish meeting places have been included.

Sights for you and your Speyer escort service

Maximilianstraße, which the Speyer people call “main street”, begins at Domplatz. The town hall with the city administration is located here. The Trutzpfaff resided in the historic building in the Middle Ages. The city council meets in the old town hall, which was built in 1724. The former market square is directly opposite. Anyone traveling with the Speyer Escort Service during Advent can visit the Christmas market in front of the festively illuminated cathedral. At the end of Maximilianstrasse is the “Altpörtel”. The 55 m high tower was a main gate to the city in the Middle Ages, its construction began as early as 1230. Some of the Speyer escort ladies are interested in visiting a museum: here would be an opportunity to do so. On the first floor of the tower, a permanent exhibition shows the history of the city fortifications.

A visit to the churches and monasteries can also be worthwhile at the Speyer escort meeting. Until 1689 there were 15 parishes in the city, then several of the buildings fell victim to a major fire. In addition to the cathedral, the churches of St. Joseph, St. Bernhard, St. Otto, St. Konrad, St. Hedwig, St. German and St. Ludwig, the monastery of St. Magdalena, the Memorial Church of the Protestation and the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Christ, John and Resurrection Churches are still standing. Most visitors to the city who visit at least one sacred building with the Speyer escort ladies choose the cathedral, which Emperor Conrad II probably had built as early as 1025. The exact date can no longer be determined. It was completed in 1106 after several renovations and was a gigantic building with a floor area of 134 x 33 m for the then small community with only around 500 inhabitants, making it one of the largest buildings of the time. These basic dimensions have been preserved to this day despite interim damage. Speyer Cathedral is very important for Romanesque architecture. It provided architectural inspiration for all of Europe. The building impresses, among other things, with its dwarf gallery, which runs around the entire cathedral. This makes it different from the other two German imperial cathedrals in Worms and Mainz.

Discover the city and surroundings of Speyer with your Speyer escort lady

With the Speyer escort service, many visitors also take a trip to the immediate surroundings of the city. The landscape is characterized by the Rhine lowland, the low terrace, and the high terrace. Until the early 19th century, the Rhine meandered through the Upper Rhine Plain, only then was it straightened. The arms of the Old Rhine are often preserved at least as beds and can be recognized by their vegetation, the course of the lower terraces and the layout of their corridors. When the weather is nice, the Speyer Escort Service likes to take visitors on a walk through the diverse nature, whose terraces extend into the city area. There they form the “museum hump”, the stairs at the cathedral, the terracing in the cathedral garden and many sloping streets, for example to the fish market. The brewery and Schützenbuckel lead up to the high terrace.

The Speyer escorts are happy to show their guests something of the city's diverse cultural scene. There are exhibitions of contemporary art in the Municipal Gallery in the Kulturhof Flachsgasse. Music lovers who arrange an escort meeting in Speyer between August and October can visit the cathedral's international music days, which are organized jointly by the Speyer cathedral chapter and the city administration. They include an organ competition, symphony concerts, chamber music and sacred music. The festival exists since 1980. The respective cathedral music director is artistically responsible. Rock and pop music is also well represented in Speyer. In 1992 a rock musicians' association Speyer e. V. was founded, which runs the Halle 101 cultural center and regularly organizes concerts with prominent artists there. The events are considered a counterpoint to the city's strong classical music scene and were awarded the Rhineland-Palatinate Volunteer Prize a few years ago. In the past, Manfred Mann, Saga, Nazareth, Jadakiss and Sven Väth have performed in Hall 101. Students and schoolchildren also like to party here.

Every second weekend in July, the people of Speyer organize their traditional pretzel festival, which is considered the largest folk festival on the Upper Rhine. On the second weekend in August, they put up the 800 m long Kaisertafel along the entire Maximilianstrasse. It can accommodate up to around 1,000 guests. The Kaisertafel has been around since 1990, Speyer restaurateurs serve regional dishes and drinks with a great culinary variety and first-class quality. Other smaller folk festivals take place during the spring and autumn fairs. On the second weekend in September, the city hosts the Old Town Festival at the cathedral. During the carnival season the city is full of fools, and at Easter the Satanic Stomp takes place as Germany's largest psychobilly festival.

Restaurant recommendations for you and the escort lady for Speyer

The Speyer escort ladies are always welcome to be invited to a well-kept restaurant or a hearty pub. Recommended are, among others, the steakhouse “Zum Anker” with beer garden and bar at Rheintorstraße 10, the café bar (with nightclub) “Moskau” at Boschstraße 18, the beer garden “Loixua” at Schützenstraße 21 a, the Irish pub “Outside” at Heinkelstraße 3, the café and beer bar “Go West” at Conrad-Hist-Straße 1 and the “Cuba Lounge” at Maximilianstraße 31. Dance Heaven Speyer at Auestraße 5 is a preferred address for nightlife. The Domcafé Triumphalis at Maximilianstrasse 96 invites you to have coffee and cake in the afternoon. There is enough variety in the city.

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