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Stroll and eat at the Schwerin castle – a dream like in old times with an escort lady

The capitol of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania turned 850 years old in 2010 and is as alluring as ever. Schwerin is a small city, the smallest capitol of Germany with less than 100.000 inhabitants, but the second largest city in the state after Rostock.

The city Schwerin is often called „the city of seven lakes and forests“ by its inhabitants. This is not quite correct anymore today, because Schwerin has twelve lakes to offer in its area! Before it were only seven but the city has grown since then. The forest areas had to give way for houses but being next to the „Schweriner See“ (Schwerin lake) Schwerin is surrounded by many more lakes and is a tourist attraction.

The city of Schwerin was created starting at the point where you can find the Schwerin castle nowadays. Schwerin was founded in 1160 through the duke Heinrich the Lion from the House of Welf. Schwerin got its name from Berno Schwerin a Cistercian monch. Archeological findings show that this area must have already been inhabited between 1000 and 600 BC.

Sightseeing in Schwerin with your escort service

First and foremost the Schwerin castle is the most important sight and the highlight for all visitors. It grew during a building period of over 1000 years and developed further during that time. In the middle of the 19th century it got its look that you can still admire today. The castle had been much smaller, burnt down in 1147 and was recreated and extended over time. In the 14th century it became the house of the dukes of Mecklenburg. Today many visitors admire this dreamlike castle which includes a museum and the parliament of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania.

You should also visit the marketplace of Schwerin with its high rising dome. It was built as a gothic basilica between 1260 and 1416 and has a 117 meter high church tower visitors can go up to enjoy the beautiful view. You can find the town hall on the marketplace as well, built in the Tudor style. It used to be a market hall and is now a café.

Around the „Pfaffenteich“, located in the older part of Schwerin, you can find even more impressing buildings. But you will enjoy those historic buildings the most with a lovely escort lady by your side when you stroll through the so called “Schelfstadt”. It was created in 1705 by Duke Herzog Friedrich Wilhelm and later united with Schwerin. The “Schelfstadt” has many frame houses and the “Schelfkirche” (Schelf church), a baroque church.

Culture and recreation - a pleasure accompanied by an escort lady

The unique location of Schwerin coupled with the long history of the city offer an ideal opportunity to combine cultural and leisure activities. Visiting the Castle Museum and the open air museum on the south shore of Lake Schwerin and the State Museum are cultural highlights. In the open-air museum you can go on a time travel and explore the country's history first hand. The state museum houses all sorts of art treasures and a collection of rarities. If you are planning a visit to the Mecklenburg State Theater to enjoy drama, ballet or musical theater, and want assistance with the necessary arrangements, please call your escort service. Once a year a special event for all opera lovers takes place here. Set against the backdrop of the Schwerin Castle the Schwerin Castle Festival will be held, which attract tens of thousands of visitors every summer.

Or do you prefer going out into nature? The Lakelands invites to all kinds of activities having to do with water. How about, for example, a boat trip with the "White Fleet"? You could invite the escort of your choice to a tour by sailboat. Also on land there is much to experience for you. The beautiful forest areas around the lakes in the urban area are ideal for hiking and cycling, but also for horseback riding. Only 45 minutes away by car and therefore making it an excellent destination is the city of Lübeck, which attracts with its UNESCO World Heritage. Also Travemünde is not far from Schwerin. Enjoy a walk on more than four kilometers of sandy beach and unwind.

Hotels and restaurants

We are sure we will have a great time in Schwerin. This applies not only for the versatile impressions that you can experience in the city, but also for the hotels and restaurants in Schwerin. First-class hotels as well as cozy houses with a familiar atmosphere, dine classy or down to earth - just as you please. Below are some recommendations compiled by your escort service.


Hotel Speicher am Ziegelsee

+49 385 5 00 30

Hotel Nordlicht

+49 385 5 58 15-0

Hotel Elefant

+49 385 54 08-0

Hotel Arte

+49 385 6 34 50


Restaurant Friedrichs

+49 385 55 54 73

Schweriner Schloss Restaurants

+49 385 525 29 15

Restaurant Lukas

+49 385 56 59 35‎

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