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Even if we are not giving you any further recommendations for the individual design of your stay in Rome, you can always contact us by phone if you have any questions. We would be happy to give you tips on where to stay in Rome or provide you with culinary recommendations at the location Rome.

Discover Rome - the eternal city - accompanied by your escort lady

... The eternal city - that is the name of the Italian capital, and has been for many years. Already in the Roman Empire, Rome was known as the capital of the Roman Empire and as "eternal city", because the historian Vergil had given this title to Rome in his work "Aeneid". Even at the end of the imperial era, it was still firmly believed that Rome would never set. And you're right - Rome is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with only a few other places in the world with around 2000 years of history as in the Italian capital. Especially in the historic center of Rome numerous monuments of antiquity are represented, which is why Rome's old town together with St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican City is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

But the historical and cultural heritage is not all that the city on the Tiber has to offer. Today Rome is the largest city in Italy, with around 2.7 million inhabitants, and a bustling metropolis that always has something going on. Furthermore, since the Second World War, Rome has been the most important and dynamic location for business in the country. Of course, soccer fans will also be familiar with Rome through its two successful football clubs Lazio Roma and AS Roma.

Explore interesting sights in Rome with your escort service

Of course, most of the city's visitors are interested in the ancient monuments, which are so numerous and especially breathtaking in Rome. You should definitely bring enough time, because in Rome, the sights just line up! First and foremost is the Coliseum, the oldest and largest ancient amphitheater in the world. Around 72 AD, the artful construction of the Coliseum began, which was to become the setting for many cruel spectacles for entertainment. According to tradition, the imposing amphitheater was inaugurated as early as 80 AD with a 100-day event that included trailing sea battles and gladiatorial battles. The 48-meter-high building with a circumference of 527 meters once held a crowd of 50,000 spectators and as a visitor today you can clearly see that many stadiums are still built on a similar principle as the Coliseum.

Another important sight is the Forum Romanum, which once represented the political and economic as well as the cultural and social center of the capital. Today, not more than ruins of the impressive buildings have remained, but you and your escort lady can easily guess what the Roman Forum must have looked like in antiquity .

One of the absolute highlights, of course, is St. Peter's Basilica, which actually does not just represent a cathedral, but is also the church of the Holy Sepulcher of the Apostle Simon Peter. In fact, St. Peter's Basilica is the central sanctuary of the Roman Catholic Church, so the Pope holds all his masses here. The cathedral is a very impressive sight, as it is the largest freestanding brick building in the world and has about 60,000 people inside.

Many tourists also visit the famous Spanish Steps, whose real name is Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti. The staircase connects the church of Santa Trinità dei Monti and Piazza di Spagna and is today the most important meeting place in Rome, for residents and tourists. Other attractions that should not be missed by visitors to Rome include St. Peter's Square, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, Castel Sant'Angelo and Trajan's Column.

Cultural offers and leisure activities in Rome - Tips for you and your escort lady

As far as the cultural program is concerned, Rome plays a leading role throughout Italy - no wonder in a city with such an impressive cultural heritage. There are around 20 theaters in Rome, offering the right program for every taste. Your escort service will be happy to inform you! The oldest of these theaters is the Teatro Argentina, which was built in 1732. But maybe you and your escort lady would rather attend an opera performance? For this, the Roman Opera House, which is one of the largest in the country, is the best address.

Of course you will also find numerous museums in Rome, where you can find out about the long and varied history of the city and other exciting topics. Particularly recommended is the oldest museum in Rome, the Capitoline Museums, because here you can admire the most important art collections of the city. The same applies to the Vatican Museums.

But you can also relax and enjoy nature in spite of the vibrant city life. This is ensured by the numerous parks in the city, but especially the facilities of Villa Borghese, Villa Doria Pamphili and Villa Alda.

Eating and drinking with your escort lady in Rome

As far as cuisine is concerned, you will find everything your heart desires in the Italian capital. You can enjoy the typical Roman cuisine, but also the finest food from all over the world - just as you like it! As a small guide through the restaurant landscape of Rome, your escort service has put together some tips.

Il Convivio Troiani

+39 (0)6 68 80 59 50

Glass Historia

+39 (0)6 58 33 59 03

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

+39 (0)6 6 79 86 43

Stay in style with your escort service in Rome

Every year, many visitors come to the "eternal city", so of course there are many different places to stay in Rome. Hostels, guesthouses - there is something for all comfort and price classes. Below you will find some hotels that are always right for you!

Hotel Pantheon

+39 (0)6 6 78 77 46

Hotel Campo de Fiori

+39 (0)6 68 80 68 65

Hotel Gran Meliá Rome

+39 (0)800 788 333

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