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Lucy Escortdame Darmstadt zarte Strapsgarnitur mit Nylons

Lucy (41)

41 Years
Size: 168 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Measurements: 100-74-100
Bra size: 80 D
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Ludwigshafen (Rhine) are 70€.

Celine Escort Frankfurt rote Strapsgarnitur

Celine (52)

52 Years
Size: 169 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Measurements: 89-70-99
Bra size: 75 C-D Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Ludwigshafen (Rhine) are 80€.

Escortdame Julia Escort Frankfurt Spitzen Strapsgarnitur mit passenden Handschuhen

Julia (53)

53 Years
Size: 167 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Measurements: 91-66-91
Bra size: 85 C Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Ludwigshafen (Rhine) are 80€.

Cheryl Escortservice Darmstadt roter Spitzenbody

Cheryl (59)

59 Years
Size: 170 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Measurements: 94-69-88
Bra size: 85 C
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Ludwigshafen (Rhine) are 70€.


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Get more information about Escort Ludwigshafen (Rhine). Recommendations and booking conditions for the escorts from Ludwigshafen (Rhine) can be found at the top of the page.

Even if we are not giving you any further recommendations for the individual design of your stay in Ludwigshafen (Rhine), you can always contact us by phone if you have any questions. We would be happy to give you tips on where to stay in Ludwigshafen (Rhine) or provide you with culinary recommendations at the location Ludwigshafen (Rhine).

Enjoy the "Long night of the musem" together with an escort lady in Ludwigshafen at the river Rhine...

Ludwigshafen (Rhine)

Near the city Mannheim at the left shore of the Rhine lies Ludwigshafen. Die Rhineland-Palatinate city has a population of more than 160 000 and therefore is the second largest city in this state, after Mainz. Next to Mannheim and Mainz there are other metropolises near Ludwigshafen, such as Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern and Karlsruhe.

Even though those cities are in different states now, Mannheim and Ludwigshafen share much history. Ludwigshafen developed out of the so called Mannheimer Rheinschanze, a weir system that belongs to the Mannheim fortress, which was located on the other side of the Rhine. Slowly, a community formed on this location and in 1859 it was declared a city. Therefore Ludwigshafen is a very young city, which expanded through several annexations.

Ludwigshafen is a modern industrial city today that is known for the biggest location of the world-renowned chemical plant BASF.  But that is not all that shapes the landmark of Ludwigshafen, because due to elaborate embellishment processes within the last years, this city also stands for a beautiful local recreation area near the Rhine, combined with the flair of a metropolis. This should not be missed with your escort Ludwigshafen under any circumstances.

Sightseeing with your escort in Ludwigshafen

Due to the young age of the city, Ludwigshafen cannot offer a medieval city center and if it ever had one, it would surely have been destroyed by the massive bombardment during WW II which Ludwigshafen and its sister city Mannheim had to endure. The sights that survived came from the period of promoterism. The most important sight in Ludwigshafen is the Wallfahrtskirche Mariä Himmelfahrt (church of pilgrimage). It is located in the district Oggersheim and was build during 1774 und 1793 in baroque style. A very interesting detail is that it was built on top of the Loretokirche (Church of Loreto) which was kept as it is.

Another church which you should visit accompanied of your escort lady, is the Apostelkirche (Church of the Apostles), which was built at the end of the 19th century. It is one of the best maintained protestant church from the era before WW I.

If you are interested in literature, the Schiller house is the right place for you. It is also in Oggersheim and is the house, where the German poet lived for a while. Several handwritten manuscripts are displayed there, as well as some first editions of his work.

In an industrial city such as Ludwigshafen there is also industrial culture which can be visited. One example is the BASF colony in the district Hemshof, with most of it still standing. Company housings from the 19th century are displayed. Hemshof is a popular residential area, because it has many small theatres, galleries and restaurants as well as pubs. The Ludwigshafen Pegelturm (tide gauge tower) is part of the industrial culture, too, and was built around 1900 next to the tide lock. The former roller mill at the Rhine, which is beautifully decorated, is another important industrial monument.

Other prominent constructions in Ludwigshafen are the Friedrich-Engelhorn-Hochhaus (sky scraper), built in the 1950s and the in 1979 opened Rathaus-Center (city hall center). The Ludwigshafen Main Station is interesting as well, since it was one of the most modern main stations in Europe, due to its 4 levels of traffic. Enjoy the architecture with your escort lady from your escort service.

Cultural program and recreational activities for you and your escort service Ludwigshafen

If you are in Ludwigshafen (Rhine), there is plenty to see and do, so you and your escort companion will not get bored. Various cultural institutions and events provide mental stimulation, such as the Mayor-Ludwig-Reichert-House, the City Museum Ludwigshafen, the Ernst Bloch Centre or the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum with its beautifully designed cladding by Joan Miró. Every year the "Long Night of Museum" is held in Ludwigshafen, the second largest event of its kind in Germany.

Of course you can also visit theater performances, for example in the theater in the “Pfalzbau”, the “Prinzregententheater Hemshof” or at the studio stage of “TiP”. A performance by the performance group "Buero für angewandten Realismus“ (office for applied realism), which was founded in 1984, is a very special event. The State Philharmonic Rhineland-Palatinate is located in Ludwigshafen (Rhine) as well. Upon request, your escort service can arrange the ticket reservations for you and herself.

To clear your mind and wind down, hardly anything is as good as a walk at the fresh air with your escort lady. Spacious parks and green areas are available in Ludwigshafen. The Ebert Park, City Park and Peace Park invite you to a stroll. If you want something more natural, a trip to the wildlife park Ludwigshafen Rheingönheim is perhaps the perfect place. On more than 30 hectares more than 200 animals are located, in most cases representatives of European species.

Good sleep and great food in Ludwigshaden - a must for you and your escort lady

After an eventful day in Ludwigshafen (Rhine) a good dinner is as important as a comfortable bed to relax in. Both can be found in this young city without problems, especially if you use the tip your escort service provides. From boardinghouses to middle class hotels and luxury hotels, everything can be found in Ludwigshafen, just as you wish. Cozy restaurants are mostly located in the historic district Hemshof and in the city center. Try the very special „BASF Gesellschaftshaus“ for lunch or dinner, you won’t regret it.

Recommendations for hotels:

Europa Hotel

+49 621 59 87-0

Gartenstadt Hotel

+49 621 55 00 79 1

Hotel Excelsior

+49 621 59 85-0

Hotel-Restaurant Knobelbecher

+49 621 65 11 00

Recommendations for restaurants:

Restaurant Marly

+49 621 86 24 21 21

Gesellschaftshaus of BASF

+49 621 6 07 88 88 1

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