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Even if we are not giving you any further recommendations for the individual design of your stay in Kassel, you can always contact us by phone if you have any questions. We would be happy to give you tips on where to stay in Kassel or provide you with culinary recommendations at the location Kassel.

Kassel - North Hesse's metropolis for escort service

The city of Kassel in northern Hesse is known to most people today mainly through the documenta art exhibition, which has been taking place there every four to five years since 1955 and lasts 100 days each time. Kassel is also the “raccoon capital of Europe”. Nowhere else in Europe are there more specimens of the North American small bear, which is often picked up by various media.

Kassel (or Cassel, as the official name was until 1926) is the third largest city in Hesse after Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. The city lies on both banks of the Fulda river and is the German metropolis, coming very close to the geographic center of Germany to within 70 kilometers. Kassel was first mentioned in a document in 913, so its more than thousand-year history is documented. From 1189 Kassel was run as a city and in 1277 it became the main residence of the Hessian Landgrave Heinrich I. From this point on, the city's history was extremely closely intertwined with the Hessian regents. From 1700, the cityscape was shaped by baroque building projects such as the Karlsaue and Hercules, which can still be admired by visitors today. In 1806 Kassel was occupied by Napoleonic troops and until 1813 it functioned as the capital of the Kingdom of Westphalia and as the residence of Napoleon's brother Jerôme. After the end of the war Kurhessen was annexed by Prussia in 1866.

During the Second World War, Kassel was severely damaged by bombing raids. Large parts of the buildings were destroyed and many people lost their lives. Kassel's old town consisted primarily of half-timbered houses, which went up in flames particularly quickly. So there was a firestorm similar to that in Dresden or Hamburg. More than 80 percent of the houses were destroyed in one night.

Sights and culture for your escort service Kassel

Due to the devastating damage that the city suffered in World War II, Kassel's inner city consists mainly of buildings in the typical 1950s style. However, a few historical buildings have been preserved, such as the Brüderkirche, the Renthof, the Rondell, the Martinskirche, the Fridericianum with Zwehrenturm and the church tower of the Old Luther Church. There are also numerous Art Nouveau buildings in Kassel's West district. The city's baroque buildings, which were neither destroyed nor reconstructed during the war, are particularly worth seeing. This includes the impressive Orangery, a baroque palace that was built in 1702 based on the French model and forms the northern beginning of the Karlsaue. Today the Orangery houses the Museum of Astronomy and the History of Technology.

A visit to the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe is a very special experience. Several sights await visitors here. This is the largest mountain park in Europe, which has achieved worldwide fame. In it you can find the Wilhelmshöhe Castle at a height of 296 meters, which was built between 1786 and 1798 and today houses the antique collection and the gallery of the old masters.

The Löwenburg is located in the southern part of the Bergpark. This is an artificially created castle ruin in the style of a medieval knight's castle, which was created between 1793 and 1800. Unfortunately, the facility was badly damaged during the Second World War and only rebuilt expediently. However, further reconstructions are planned.

Hercules, Kassel's landmark, can also be found in Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. Hercules itself is a copper statue that is attached to the top of the giant castle, but today the entire building is usually meant when Hercules is spoken of. The Hercules is also the starting point of the famous water games in the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, which are very popular with visitors.

Culture and leisure for you and your Kassel escort

As already mentioned, both the Organgerie and Wilhelmshöhe Palace now house museums. Kassel's museum landscape is very varied and covers different areas of interest. Museums in Kassel have a long tradition, so the Fridericianum is even considered the first public museum building in Europe! A very special museum is the Museum for Sepulchral Culture, which deals exclusively with burial culture and the cult of the dead.

If you want to see a play with a charming escort lady, the Kassel State Theater is the right address for you. This is also the case for enjoying classical music, because the state orchestra based at the state theater is one of the oldest in Germany! Simply contact our escort service if you need further information or assistance with ticket reservations etc.!

The location makes the city of Kassel ideal for relaxation in the countryside. After all, Kassel is located between Reinhardswald, Habichtswald and Kaufunger Wald, so that a local recreation area can always be reached quickly. The forest areas are ideal for various sports such as running, cycling, Nordic walking or horseback riding. You can also go for a leisurely walk and enjoy nature. The North Hessian rivers can also be used for various leisure activities. Whether boat, steamer or canoe trips - the possibilities are diverse.

Hotels and restaurants in Kassel

Even if the popular "Kassel" is not a specialty from Kassel, but an invention of the baker Cassel from Berlin, Kassel's gastronomic landscape has a lot to offer you. A romantic candlelight dinner with an attractive escort lady or home cooking in the brewery - you are sure to find a restaurant that suits your taste. So that you don't find it difficult to choose hotels, you will find below some recommendations that our escort service has put together for you.

Forellenhof Kassel
+49 561 942 94 90

Brewery Knallhütte
+49 561 49 20 76

Island restaurant Finkenherd
+49 561 7 39 34 53

Restaurant Ilysia
+49 561 31 17 93

Gambero Rosso
+49 561 28 53 81

Himalayan restaurant
+49 561 3 16 92 34

Hotel Excelsior
+49 561 10 29 84

ART Hotel Schweizer Hof
+49 561 9369 0

Hotel Residence Domus
+49 561 70 33 30

Hotel Chassalla
+49 561 9 27 90

Hotel Am Sonnenhang
+49 561 96 98 80

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