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Anna (43)

43 Years
Size: 167 cm
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Measurements: 98-75-100
Bra size: 85 E Nature
Category: Escort Lady

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Jana (46)

46 Years
Size: 163 cm
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Measurements: 103-77-97
Bra size: 80 E
Category: Escort Lady

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Even if we are not giving you any further recommendations for the individual design of your stay in Jena, you can always contact us by phone if you have any questions. We would be happy to give you tips on where to stay in Jena or provide you with culinary recommendations at the location Jena.

You can go hand in hand through Jena with an escort lady following the footsteps of important people

Scientific and industrial city of Jena

The university town of Jena is located in Thuringia and is the second-largest city in the state with more than 103,000 inhabitants. Today, Jena is widely known as a location for the fine-mechanical optical industry around the company "Carl Zeiss". But Jena has much more to offer, because the city on the Saale also looks back on a long and varied history.

Jena was mentioned for the first time in 1236, but it was only 300 years later that the city began to write history when it became the center of the Reformation around 1523. The Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena was founded in 1558 and Jena became one of Germany's most popular study places. In the late 19th century Jena became the most important intellectual center in Germany. This was due to the close connection with Weimar and by the support of Johann Wolfgang Goethe. But not only Goethe had close relations with the city of Jena, but also famous poets and thinkers such as Schiller, Fichte, Hegel, Tieck and the Schlegel brothers acted there. Around 1800, Jena was also the most important location for publishing, book printing and book trade. From a city of spiritual sciences, Jena developed into an industrial city in the course of the 19th century, thanks to names such as Carl Zeiss, Otto Schott and Ernst Abbe. They established the Carl-Zeiss-Werke as well as the Jenaer Glaswerk Schott und Genossen. The Jena-based industry has always worked closely with research institutes, giving Jena its reputation as an excellent high-tech location.

Sights for you and your escort Jena

Like many other German cities, Jena was also greatly affected by bomb attacks during the Second World War. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to go on a search for a trace, because the exciting history of the city of Jena can still be experienced in many places. Of course, it is worth taking part in a guided city tour, but also an exploration tour on your own, possibly accompanied by an escort lady from Jena, is exciting and informative. You should definitely look for the Seven Wonders of Jena, only five of which can be seen today. Already in the 17th century, Jena, with these seven places of interest, had been enumerated in a then well-known Latin Merksatz: "Ara, caput, draco, mons, pons, vulpecula turris, Weigeliana domus, septem miracula Jenae.” “Ara” is the altar underpass in the Stadtkirche, once the only access to the Jenaer Cistercian monastery. "Caput" is the Latin name for the Schnapphans figure at the Jena Town Hall, which snaps after a golden ball on a staff beside him every hour. Today only a copy of the famous Schnapphans is preserved at the town hall, the real one is kept in the municipal museum. "Draco" is also to be admired in the city museum. This is a dragon with four legs, seven heads, two arms and four tails, which in the sixteenth century was probably made by students as a joke. "Mons" refers to the distinctive limestone mountain Jenzig, "Vulpecula Turris" is the Latin name for the Fuchsturm, which represents an old Bergfried on the houseberg. The wonders "Pons" (the old Camsdorfer bridge) and "Weigeliana Domus" (the Weigelsche house) are unfortunately no longer there or at least you cannot admire them in their original form anymore.

Of course, the Seven Wonders are not the only sights in Jena, which you should visit with your escort service Jena. For example, the city has some impressive churches, such as the late-Gothic city church of St. Michael, which is the largest hall church in Eastern Thuringia and in which Martin Luther preached several times. Also worth a visit is the Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist, from the ninth century.

Culture and leisure for you and your Jena escort service

The cultural scene of the city of Jena is extremely versatile and also the leisure offer leaves hardly any wishes open. Various museums provide information on various topics such as the Optical Museum, the Romantic House and Schiller's Garden House, as well as the City Museum & Art Collection of the city of Jena. There is also a lot to see in regards to theater and dance in Jena. The schedule of the Theaterhaus Jena is fresh, creative and varied so that you can find the right thing for an entertaining evening with a culturally interested escort lady. Or should it rather be a cabaret? Then the "Kurz & Klein Kunstbühne" might be something for you.

Exciting is also a visit to the Zeiss planetarium, the oldest planetarium in the world, because here entertainment and information are ideally combined. Or experience the city of Jena from a very different angle! From the 128-meter-high viewpoint of the JenTower, you and your Jena escort have a very unique view of the city and the impressive landscape into which Jena is embedded.

The beautiful surroundings with their wooded hills and limestone cliffs invite you to go on foot or by bike. Here you can enjoy undisturbed nature and recharge your batteries for everyday life.

Eating and sleeping in Jena

After an eventful day in Jena you want to eat well and restful sleep is just as important. Everything is available for both needs, because in terms of gastronomy everything from the quaint inn to haute cuisine is available and also hotels and guest houses in all price and comfort ranges can be found, everything according to your personal requirements.

Below are some restaurant and hotel recommendations!

Restaurant und Hotel Zur Noll

+49 3641 59 77 10

Gasthof Zur Schweiz

+49 3641 52 05-0

SCALA Restaurant und Hotel

+49 3641 35 66 66

Hotel Thüringer Hof

+49 3641 29 29-0

Hotel Schwarzer Bär

+49 3641 40 60

Maxx Hotel Jena

+49 3641 300-0

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