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The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Hanover“ is 3 hrs.
Dina Escortdame Lüneburg im Herrenoberhemd

Dina (43)

43 Years
Size: 171 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Measurements: 98-69-98
Bra size: 75 B Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 100€.

Escortdame Fee aus Achim Spitzen Hemdchen

Fee (49)

49 Years
Size: 173 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Measurements: 94-77-94
Bra size: 80 B Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 70€.

Tina Escortdame Groemitz sexy Minikleid

Tina (41)

41 Years
Size: 173 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Measurements: 120-75-98
Bra size: 75 M
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 130€.

The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Hanover“ is 4 hrs.
Louisa Escortservice Hamburg Herausforderung in Nylons mit Naht

Louisa (37)

37 Years
Size: 166 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Measurements: 90-67-92
Bra size: 75 C Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 100€.

Jana Escortdame Leipzig

Jana (46)

46 Years
Size: 163 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Measurements: 103-77-97
Bra size: 80 E
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 100€.

Escortdame Liv aus Hamburg Satin Negligee und Morgenmantel

Liv (41)

41 Years
Size: 174 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Measurements: 107-87-101
Bra size: 90 B-C Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 120€.

Janne Escortservice Hamburg komm spielen

Janne (56)

56 Years
Size: 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Measurements: 105-68-90
Bra size: 70 H Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 100€.

Pia Escortservice Hamburg Lack Dessous overt

Pia (57)

57 Years
Size: 160 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Measurements: 100-79-98
Bra size: 80 A Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Hanover are 100€.

The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Hanover“ is 6 hrs.

You can find out the minimum booking period and travel expenses for the following escorts for "Hanover"

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Escortservice & escort ladies in Hanover

Get more information about Escort Hanover. Recommendations and booking conditions for the escorts from Hanover can be found at the top of the page.

Even if we are not giving you any further recommendations for the individual design of your stay in Hanover, you can always contact us by phone if you have any questions. We would be happy to give you tips on where to stay in Hanover or provide you with culinary recommendations at the location Hanover.

Escort Service Hanover - Escort ladies will accompany you through the trade fair city

Hanover, the well-known trade fair city with the largest exhibition center in the world, draws attention not only nationally but also internationally. Fairs from the "industry" and the "Cebit" are taking place here. As a result, every year hundreds of thousands are making their way into town. Your escorts in Hanover will accompany you on your business and / or private time as desired.

But Hanover is not only the biggest fair location, no, it also has one of the most efficient universities in Germany. Your escort service attaches importance to education and manners.

Stylish escorts are available for all occasions - experience Hannover Escort very close up

In the 14th century Hanover was fixated by a wall, in which just 3 gates where the connection with the outside world. These were the Leintor, the Aegidientor and the Steintor, which you can visit with your escorts today. The 3 gothic churches of the city, the Aegidien-, Markt- as well as the Kreuzkirche, are from this time period and can be visited in the company of a selected lady of your escort service in Hanover. A hundred years later, the famous town hall was built next to the Marktkirche and Hanover was announced a kingdom in the 19th century. You can still find plenty of evidence from that period, inspect it with a lady of your escort service Hanover. Many of the old as well as the new buildings such as the castles in the city, the Waterloo Square, the railway station and the opera were created on the drawing board. They gave the city the characteristic face of today that you should explore with your escorts.

Between the station and the old town the Ernst-August-city was created, in which the trade, the industry and services concentrated and thus formed a new center of the city. Today you can rediscover this, accompanied by your escort service Hanover. On the ruins of the in World War II very badly damaged city, a modern city was created, which has remained to this day the city with the character of the countryside. One could also say, a state capital with important cultural institutions, with excellent shopping possibilities, as well as nationally significant events. Your Hanover Escort is looking forward to your request.

Sightseeing for you and your Hanover escort

Old Town Hall

It took almost a hundred years to build the town hall, but it was a great success. The oldest part overlooks Schmiedestraße, a little later, on the walls of an old department store, the “Marktflügel” (market wing) was build. The “Apothekenflügel” (pharmacy wing) on the Köbelinger Straße followed. Interesting treasures are the gothic inspired “Fialengiebel” and “Tonfries”. A medieval folk game is shown between portraits of princes and coat of arms. Immerse yourself in the history of the city, your escorts from Hanover are the ideal partner for you.

New town hall

Many visitors are surprised when they stand in front of this magnificent building. It impresses by its size and is a more than magnificent construction out of bygone majestic times. Even back then there will have been one or the other escort service. The town hall has been opened very festively after 12 years of construction on 20 June of the year 1913. The visit of the town hall alone is unexciting, but if you want someone to accompany you, just call Actrice Escort Hanover, we will be delighted to forward your request for a meeting with one of the escort ladies.

Herrenhäuser Gardens

The baroque garden, one of the most beautiful and largest in Germany, was founded in the 17th century. The baroque garden is full of trees, hedges and special as well as model gardens. In addition there is a large fountain, the surrounding moat and water games, a maze, an outdoor theater, many groups of figures, the cascade, a grotto and a castle. To take a stroll in the garden with your escort lady is going to be a pleasure.


In the past, the city extended from the market, on which merchants and craftsmen had settled. During the construction of the Market Church, the tower had obtained only half of the planned size, because the financial resources had run out. A slightly shorter spire was placed for lack of fundings. Even when it was rebuilt in 1952, nothing was changed to the original style of the church. What many most likely do not know: The bones of the German Michel rest in the Market Church - who would have thought. This man is not only a legend amongst the Germans, he in fact existed. Take a look at the impressive old town of Hanover in the company of your beautiful escort ladies.


A popular recreation area is the 2,4 km long Maschsee. Here you can spend an enjoyable day with a lady of your escort service Hanover. The in the 1930s build, artificial lake in Leinemasch not only attracts water sports enthusiasts but also cyclists, joggers and inline skaters and walkers who want to relax on the approximately 6-kilometer long trails along the shore. See for yourself, your escort service is always there for you.

Events in Hanover – enjoy them with your escort lady in Hanover:

With about 300,000 visitors the Lister Meile festival is the sixth most popular festival in Hanover. The festival offers about 100 showmen and exhibitors and with a total of 3 music stages this is a great spectacle. Here you can forget everyday life in the company of your Hanover escort lady. The “Entdeckertagsfest” (explorer day festival) with 8 stages and many exhibitors is visited by up to 200,000 people. On the 8th place the “Klimafest” (climate festival) follows. Also an interesting event, which you can enjoy one with of your attractive ladies from your escort service Hanover.

The Carnival in Hanover is one of the strongholds of the carnival in northern Germany. Here too, you should take some time to visit with your lady from your escort service.

A highlight is the carnival parade before Rose Monday, which leads through the whole city. At the more than 2-kilometer long parade, about 2,000 carnival enthusiasts are involved with their cars and marching bands. In addition there are about 10,000 to 80,000 spectators who are watching on the edge of the road. Be sure to participate in this crazy event with one of the escort ladies. 25 breweries, the longest bar in northern Germany as well as live music lead up to 50,000 people into the Old Town of Hanover each year. Of course, some ladies at our advertising platform in Hanover attend it as well. Apart from the popular Top 10, there are also other important events that are of interest not only for the escort service. These include the famous International Fireworks Competition in the Great Garden and the Art Festival in Herrenhausen. There is surely more to admire that's interesting for you and your escort. On the eastern fair parking lots the famous Mai-Käfer-Treffen (meeting of owners of Beetle cars) will take place on May 1st each year. Again, you will draw attention being accompanied by a charming lady of your escort service Hanover. It is after all the largest VW Beetle (Volkswagen) meetings across Europe, with about 3,000 Beetles and other VW models. Accompanied by a lady of your escort service, you forget everyday life and your troubles.

Hotels and gastronomy

Lühmann's Hotel am Rathaus

In a quite central location lies the nonsmoking hotel Lühmann's Hotel am Rathaus, precisely on Friedrichswall 21. Enjoy the individually and very tastefully furnished rooms and the friendly service, you will be absolutely thrilled. The center of the city is only a few minutes away, the main station can be reached in 12 minutes and the airport is just 13 kilometers away.

Hotel Villa Tosca

A great place to stay for the romantics and dreamers amongst us is this by Art Nouveau inspired house with 13 rooms, which are classically furnished. For lovers of very large rooms, the wedding suite is available. It can be found in the prestigious district Kleefeld on Dörriesplatz 2. It is 200 meters from Kleefeld S-Bahn station (public transportation) and the city center is only about 4 kilometers away. The A2 motorway can be reached in about 10 minutes.

Kastens Hotel Luisenhof

Elegantly furnished rooms with modern comfort and with a first-class spa and fitness area, this 5-star hotel welcomes its guests in Luisenstrasse 1-3. The in-house gourmet restaurant offers culinary delights such as grilled scallops, steamed spring chicken breast, tartar made of chocolate and more. The house is in a central location near the State Opera and the train station from which you can reach the Hanover trade fair in just 15 minutes.

Wienecke XI.

In the hotel Wienecke XI. there is the cozy Wülfeler Brauereigaststätte (restaurant and bar with own brewery) located in the Hildesheimer Straße 380. The restaurant offers many different culinary areas, whether proper or solemn - everyone will find his cozy corner or sumptuous banquet rooms, just as you like and desire. The brewery restaurant impresses guest from near and far with its upscale and home-style cooking and the charming service of course.

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