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Cottbus - experience escort service in Brandenburg

The city of Cottbus is the second largest city in Brandenburg. It is located between two metropolitan areas, namely between the major cities of Berlin and Dresden. Cottbus is the largest city in Lower Lusatia and is located on the middle Spree. Strictly speaking, the Spreewald is to the north and the Lusatian border wall to the south.

Cottbus was first mentioned in a document as early as the 12th century, and a city wall was built in the 13th century. The history of the city, which today has a very young face, was extremely eventful. In the 15th century it was reduced to rubble and ashes twice by devastating fires. In the course of the 16th century, Cottbus developed into the city of cloth makers and linen weavers, and in the 19th century the city had a wool spinning mill. Cottbus finally became an important industrial city in the 20th century due to brown coal mining. This ensured that the city on the Spreewald became one of the most important energy suppliers in the country during the GDR era. The population grew so that in 1976 Cottbus exceeded the 100,000 mark and became a big city. After reunification, the industrial city of Cottbus, like many other cities, had to undergo structural change. Today, the city in Brandenburg is a young and extremely green university town, in which the only technical university in Brandenburg and the Lausitz University of Applied Sciences are located.

Sightseeing with your escort Cottbus

As an industrial city, Cottbus was also home to a number of armaments industry companies during the Second World War, so the Allied bombing raids were correspondingly heavy. This resulted in large parts of the city being destroyed.

Nevertheless, there are still many sights and historical buildings in Cottbus that have either been preserved or reconstructed. The landmark of the city is the Spremberger Turm. Together with the gatehouse and the bastion, it forms the city gate and was built in the 13th century. Starting from the Spremberger Turm, you can understand the old city fortifications by looking at the towers, city wall and Wiekhäuser. The oldest tower in Cottbus is the Mint Tower, but the oldest surviving buildings are the tanners' houses on Uferstrasse.

The castles of the city are definitely worth seeing. Branitz Castle, which Hermann Fürst von Pückler-Muskau called his own, is located in the middle of the park of the same name and is a lavishly restored late Baroque castle. The extraordinary life of the prince can be easily understood from the furnishings of the castle, which is why Branitz Castle is now used as the Pückler Museum.

The second castle in the city of Cottbus is actually not a whole castle, but just a medieval castle tower that rises 46 meters into the air. Since it was built on the Schlossberg, you can see it from afar, so that it decisively shapes the panorama of the city of Cottbus.

Free time and relaxation in Cottbus with your escort service

If you want to unwind a little, you will have plenty of opportunity in Cottbus. Beautiful parks invite you to linger, such as the impressive Branitzer Park. The area on which the park can be found today was owned by the Count Pückler family from 1696. Only many years later, in 1845 to be precise, did the construction of the park begin. Today, the extensive facilities are under monument protection. Also worth a visit are the Eliaspark, the Spreeauenpark and the Tierpark Cottbus. To get you from A to B quickly and not to miss any of these beautiful parks, you can use the Cottbus park railway, which connects the parks with each other during the warm season. A visit to the Tertiary Forest is an experience, especially for those in the know, because here you can see not only fossil saplings of sequoias but also real boulders from the Ice Age.

Perhaps you would like to visit the Cottbus Planetarium accompanied by an escort lady and let yourself be inspired by a "star show"! The space flight planetarium, which bears the name "Yuri Gagarin", was opened in 1974 and shows you a starry sky that corresponds to reality, regardless of the time of day.

If you prefer to spend your free time with cultural activities, you will certainly find what you are looking for at the Staatstheater Cottbus. It is a multi-genre theater in which dramas and other plays as well as ballets, operas and operettas are performed at three venues. But you might also like to enjoy culture on a small scale. In this case, the cabaret theaters of the city of Cottbus are recommended. Our escort service Cottbus is happy to provide further information.

Food and drinks with your Cottbus escort

When it comes to Cottbus cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind for some is the delicious Baumkuchen from the city, which was first baked in Cottbus by the daughter of an Austrian soldier on a cold winter night in 1819. Cottbuser beer and schnapps are also known nationwide. But of course you can also eat other things than tree cake, beer and schnapps during your stay in the city on the Spreewald. The restaurants and dining rooms in the region offer both other local delicacies and international dishes, so that you can really have a good time with your escort lady!

Café and restaurant Spreewehrmühle

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Restaurant Athens

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Steakhouse Asado

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Paulaner Cottbus

+49 355 2 80 84 75

Restaurant Pückler-Stube

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Hotels in Cottbus

Of course you also need a place to stay for your stay in Cottbus. You will surely find exactly the right room for your needs, because the offer is wide-ranging. Below you will find some tips from our escort service that should make your choice a little easier.

Maple Hotel

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City Hotel Cottbus

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Hotel and Restaurant Haus Irmer

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