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The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Bremen“ is 2 hrs.
Escortdame Fee aus Achim Spitzen Hemdchen

Fee (49)

49 Years
Size: 173 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Measurements: 94-77-94
Bra size: 80 B Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Without travel expenses.

The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Bremen“ is 3 hrs.
Dina Escortdame Lüneburg im Herrenoberhemd

Dina (43)

43 Years
Size: 171 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Measurements: 98-69-98
Bra size: 75 B Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Bremen are 100€.

Escortdame Liv aus Hamburg Satin Negligee und Morgenmantel

Liv (41)

41 Years
Size: 174 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Measurements: 107-87-101
Bra size: 90 B-C Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Bremen are 70€.

Tina Escortdame Groemitz sexy Minikleid

Tina (41)

41 Years
Size: 173 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Measurements: 120-75-98
Bra size: 75 M
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Bremen are 110€.

Louisa Escortservice Hamburg Herausforderung in Nylons mit Naht

Louisa (37)

37 Years
Size: 166 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Measurements: 90-67-92
Bra size: 75 C Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Bremen are 80€.

The minimum booking period for the following escorts in „Bremen“ is 4 hrs.
Pia Escortservice Hamburg Lack Dessous overt

Pia (57)

57 Years
Size: 160 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Measurements: 100-79-98
Bra size: 80 A Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Bremen are 80€.

Janne Escortservice Hamburg komm spielen

Janne (56)

56 Years
Size: 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Measurements: 105-68-90
Bra size: 70 H Nature
Category: Escort Lady

Travel expenses for Bremen are 80€.


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Even if we are not giving you any further recommendations for the individual design of your stay in Bremen, you can always contact us by phone if you have any questions. We would be happy to give you tips on where to stay in Bremen or provide you with culinary recommendations at the location Bremen.

Escort Service Bremen – the escorts offer you unforgettable hours

In the north of Germany lies the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, known to almost everyone for the story of the Bremen Town Musicians, which was told by the Brothers Grimm. The Weser offers a beautiful picture when the ships sail into the port of Bremen - an impressive spectacle that you should watch together with a lady from your Escort Service Bremen. However, the really large ships are handled in the neighboring city of Bremerhaven, because this is where the largest German fishing port is located. Many emigrants used to travel from here to America on ships across the rough Atlantic.

Romance along the Weser with your escort service in Bremen

The city of Bremen is more than 1,200 years old and was initially ruled by a bishop. From here, Christianity also spread to the Baltic Sea region and to all of Scandinavia. You can still marvel at evidence of this with a lady from your escort service. Over time, the city of Bremen became more and more a very important trading center. The merchants became richer and richer and thus more self-confident.

Sights in Bremen that you should visit with the lady from your escort service

Bremen Ratskeller

The Bremen Ratskeller fascinates visitors with its external appearance and also with its contents. Specialties from Bremen are served under the great vaulted ceiling. The fact that this beautiful Ratskeller is also called the "delicious Rathaus-Foundation" goes back to the wines. They are served in the restaurant and sweeten every evening for you and the lady from your escort service. Fine bottlings are stored in the "Treasury", which you should have a look at together with a lady from your escort service in Bremen. Incidentally, the oldest cask wine in Germany slumbers in the well-known Rosekeller. However, the name rose wine does not come from the rosy color of the wine. You are welcome to try this out with your escorts in Bremen. In the past, a very high quality wine was named after a beautiful flower, the rose. Hence the somewhat misleading name. This wine is still drinkable, but due to its value, it is rarely used.

The drop tower

With its 146 m, the well-known drop tower rises into the air. Experiments can be carried out in weightlessness in the 110 m long tube. Maybe you'll drop by here in Bremen with your escort lady. The escort ladies from Bremen are fired up during the free fall, which lasts around 10 seconds. The drop tower in Bremen is therefore a research facility that is truly unique in the world. Even if you or your lady from your escort service are not very interested in technology, this tower in Bremen is a great destination. From the top of the tower you have a spectacular view of the whole of Bremen. Which escort lady in Bremen wouldn't like that? These rooms can also be rented for celebrations or meetings. As part of a tour of the company, visitors are introduced to the subject of weightlessness. So in the end everyone will be enthusiastic about it. Through a lecture together with a film screening and a small experiment, visitors can experience how this topic affects us. You take a look at the control center from which the researchers control the experiments.

Events that are worth visiting with an escort lady in Bremen

quay market (Kajenmarkt)

Let yourself and your escort lady Bremen surprise you with the colorful hustle and bustle on the market. Since 1986, this place has hosted artisans and live musicians every Saturday from May to September. You will experience a lot in Bremen together with your escort lady. When filigree handicrafts and swinging music spread a good mood, then it's Kajenmarkt. Why not visit it together with a lady from your escort service in Bremen. It doesn't matter whether you are young or young at heart - every guest has lost his heart on the shopping mile and after all you are accompanied by a lady from your escort service. And if love is supposed to go through the stomach, then even more so here. Because the local gastronomy takes care of the physical well-being of the visitors of the market. It is a really great experience to visit this market together with an escort lady from Bremen.

Hotels and gastronomy in Bremen

The SPARTA restaurant is located in Bremen Lesum and offers real Greek wine and excellent Greek cuisine. Here you will be brought a little closer to Greece through the delicious food. The specialties of the house include gyros, suflaki as well as lamb and fish dishes, which are of course prepared to a high standard. There are also beef, turkey & chicken dishes as well as pasta on the menu.

If you want something more rustic you can find what you are looking for in the old town, namely in the Schnorrviertel. You can dine excellently in the cosy, rustic premises of Beck's in'n Snoor. The fish menu offers plaice fillets, salmon slices with herb sauce, cutter plaice "house style" and of course delicious meat dishes, soups and appetizers. Accompanied by one of the escorts from Bremen, you will definitely find the right dish for you.

Tower Hotel Weserblick

The building is located in a former villa and is only a stone's throw away from the center of Bremen. The family-run hotel offers tastefully furnished rooms in which you and your escort lady can really feel at home. Your escort lady from Bremen will certainly confirm this after a magical night. Another highlight is the stylish tower room, which offers a very nice view of the Weser. Enjoy this view together with your lady from your escort service.

Hotel "Zum Werdersee"

A family run hotel with a very good restaurant that will delight you. It is also very popular with your escort service and not without reason. Because the very beautiful and fantastically located hotel offers its guests comfortable and tastefully designed rooms in which you don't have to do without modern amenities. Just a hotel to feel good. Your Escort Bremen appreciates this. In the in-house restaurant, guests are spoiled with German and international specialties. Everyone can find the right thing. A very well equipped conference room is available for business visits. This is a great way to combine the pleasant with the useful.

Hotel Classico

The Hotel Classico awaits you in the heart of Bremen, just a 10-minute walk from the main train station and the congress centre. The rooms, designed according to a historical theme, almost all offer a view of the town hall. The kitchen will spoil you in the morning with an international breakfast and homemade cakes, which you can also enjoy in the afternoon. The market square and the statue of the Bremen Town Musicians are right next to the hotel. From here you can explore the old town of Bremen with its charming streets and old Hanseatic houses accompanied by your escort.

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