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Experience Bern - the actual capital of Switzerland - with an escort lady

Federal city of Bern

The city of Bern is the capital of the canton of Bern and, as a federal city, is also the actual capital of Switzerland. With around 130,000 inhabitants, Bern is also the fourth largest city in the country. The official language of the city of Bern is German and the majority of the population of Bern also sees German as their main language. However, four percent of the people in Bern each state French or Italian as their primary language. Geographically, the city of Bern is located in the Swiss Mittelland, on both sides of the river Aare and is flanked by the local mountain Gurten and the Bantinger.

Although Bern is a city with a long history, it is relatively young compared to some other European cities, as its foundation as a Zähringer town dates back to 1191. The characteristic architecture with its many arcades has been largely preserved in the city, which is why the old town of Bern was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983. This is probably the reason why Bern is one of the most visited centers of national and international city tourism. But not only tourists feel comfortable in Bern - according to the city ranking of the consulting firm Mercer, Bern is one of the 10 cities with the highest quality of life in the world!

Sights in Bern for you and your escort service Bern

As a world heritage city, Bern naturally has a number of highlights to offer for you and your escort lady. Basically, the entire old town is a sight, because here you can see impressively how a modern city could keep its medieval structures and still adapt to modern conditions. You can see a lot of the old town flair in the area below the Zytglogge, where you can admire numerous sandstone buildings with the characteristic arcades. These extend over a length of around six kilometers and thus represent one of the longest covered shopping streets in all of Europe!

The main sights in Bern also include the Bundesplatz with the Bundeshaus, which was built in the mid-19th century. It represents the government and parliament building of the Swiss Confederation in the canton of Bern.

There are also a number of towers in Bern that are worth seeing, such as the prison tower, the Dutch tower and the Zytglogge. The prison tower is actually a city gate in the form of a tower, which was built in the mid-17th century to replace its dilapidated predecessor. According to this, the prison tower was part of the city fortifications. The Dutch tower was also part of the city fortifications and, like the cage tower, belonged to the city's third defensive belt. However, the Dutch Tower was already built in the 13th century. The Zytglogge is also a former defense tower from the 13th century. It once formed the western end of the city, but with each expansion of the city it moved further into the center of Bern. Today the Zytglogge is a clock tower with a well-known astronomical clock and carillon. Enjoy beautiful hours and book your Bern escort service today!

There are also many beautiful churches in Bern that you should definitely see. This of course includes the impressive Bern Minster, the Nydegg Church, the Trinity Church and the Church of the Holy Spirit. Because the Aare flows right through the city of Bern, there are also numerous bridges, most of which are beautiful to look at. These include the Lorrainebrücke, the Nydeggbrücke and the Untertorbrücke.

Culture in Bern for you and your Bern escort lady

As a World Heritage city, Bern can of course also come up with a lively cultural life. Museums on various topics are spread throughout the city, where you and your escort partner can certainly learn a lot of new things. How about a visit to the Historical Museum, for example? You can of course also visit the Swiss Alpine Museum.

If you like going to the theater, you can also do this in Bern, because the Stadttheater Bern is a three-genre theater that offers drama, music theater and ballet. If you would like to see a performance, our escort service will be happy to help you reserve tickets. Or are you more interested in contemporary dance and music? Then the Dampfzentrale in the Marzili is the right address for you. Bern also has a boulevard theater in the form of the Theater am Kaegelturm. The theater scene in Bern is very diverse and lively, because in addition to larger venues there are numerous small and basement theaters in the old town that you can discover.

Hotels and gastronomy in Bern for your escort service

In order to make your time in Bern as pleasant as possible, our escort service advertising platform would like to help you find exactly the right hotel for your stay in Bern. The same applies to good restaurants where you can eat and enjoy really well according to your taste for the respective occasion. For this reason we have put together some hotel and restaurant tips for you.


Hotel Berne

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Hotel Allegro Bern

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Hotel Westside

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Hotel Garden

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Hotel Landhaus Bern by Albert & Frida

+41 31 348 03 05


Schillenmätteli Bern

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Old tram depot in Bern

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Outside Stand Restaurant

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Rose garden restaurant

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